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Minera Kids

Step Stool For Kids | Wooden Step For Children

Step Stool For Kids | Wooden Step For Children

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Can't your little explorer get enough of the grown-up world? With this Minera® step, your child gets the chance to watch what happens at 'grown-up height'. Stimulate your child's eagerness to learn and let him or her learn through play, just as Maria Montessori envisioned.

Sturdy and robust!
Easy to assemble.
Stimulate your child's emotional and cognitive development.
Learn and discover
Natural wood, sustainably acquired.
Handy for the bathroom

This stool is useful in many ways. This way your child can brush his teeth or wash their hands like an adult and you can easily grab things from the top shelf. In addition, this stool can also provide extra storage space for towels.

Natural wood, robust, safe and durable

Did you know that all MineraKids® furniture is built with children in mind? We use robust designs and sturdy wood. This way you can be sure that your children's furniture can take a beating and is completely free of sharp edges and corners. In addition, our wood is produced in a sustainable manner.
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